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Albanian First National Conference: “First-Line Actors Countering Violent Extremism”

On 30 April 2019, in Tirana, the First National Conference: “First-Line Actors Countering Violent Extremism” took place in Albania. This conference was organised by the Coordination Center for Countering Violent Extremism (CVE Center). The event had an audience of more than 2000 first-line actors from all ministries, sectors, fields and agencies. The event was also attended by a significant number of representatives from international organisations, religious communities, media, non-governmental organisations, and the private sector.

This event was the first of a kind in the WB region and it was organised to show determination and readiness of the Albanian government to strengthen capacities and resources in the field of PCVE and whole society approach. It was also an opportunity to underline the role and significance of the first-line practitioners in these efforts. It was clearly shown by a number of real cases presentations by education workers, police officers, social workers and others.