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IISG Chair Speaker at the International Conference “Criminal Justice and Security in Central and Eastern Europe”

On 25th September, Mr. Rajko Kozmelj, IISG Chair, contributed to the Panel entitled “From Common Sense to Evidence-Based Policymaking and Evidence-Based Policing” organised within the “Twelfth Biennial International Conference, Criminal Justice & Security in Central and Eastern Europe: From Common Sense to Evidence-based Policy–making”, taking place between 25-27 September in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Mr. Kozmelj presented to the audience the “Prevent-refer-address concept as a multi-stakeholder response to radicalisation in the Western Balkans”. The P-R-A Concept, suggested by the IISG Board in March 2018, can be used as a multi-stakeholder response to prevent, refer and address (P-R-A) radicalisation leading to violent extremism in a holistic way, using a whole-society and multi-stakeholder approach. Designed to be used in developing a tailor-made solution for a country or even a local community with its specificities, this concept aims to efficiently prevent radicalisation that leads to violent extremism, to disengage individuals, to deradicalise them or to reintegrate them in the local community. For more information about the concept, please see the Criminal Justice and Security in Central and Eastern Europe: Book of Abstracts or the IISG P-R-A Infographic.

Starting in 1996 and reconvening for its twelfth session in 2018, the Conference, organised by the University of Maribor, Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security, has focused on and dealt with a wide variety of topics related to security issues. Based on the principles of collaboration and information exchange among different levels and types of stakeholders, the conference will strive to address contemporary challenges in the field of criminal justice and security and to highlight new ideas, theories, methods, and findings in a wide range of research and applied areas relating to policing, criminology, security issues, and social control issues.

For more information about the conference, please visit their website here.