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National Workshop of the First Line Project in Belgrade

From 24 – 25 April 2018, IISG contributed to the national workshop in Belgrade held under the auspices of the EU-supported project “First Line” (HOME/2014/ISFP/AG/RADX/7533) led by the Slovenian Police. The event was intended to discuss the prevailing challenges of radicalisation leading to violent extremism or terrorism and to transfer good practices from EU partners in implementing a multi-agency approach to tackling challenges of P-CVE at the national level and at the level of local communities.

Mr. Rajko Kozmelj, IISG Chair, contributed on the P-R-A policy solution for a sufficient and comprehensive mechanism to be applied in line with national specificities, a priority action of the WBCTi Integrative Plan of Action 2018-2020 endorsed on 16th March 2018 by ministers of interior/security. The event was opened by the Slovenian State Secretary, Mr. Boštjan Šefic and attended by all relevant local and national stakeholders, i.e. the representatives of law enforcement, other relevant state sectors, religious communities and civil society.