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RAN Policy & Practice Events in 2018

In order to diminish the communication gap between policymakers and practitioners, the Commission tasked the RAN Centre of Excellence (RAN Coe) to organize six Policy & Practice events in 2018. The aim of these meetings will be to involve different stakeholders (national and local authorities, communities, practitioners, academia, as well as RAN Working Groups) in the area of prevention of radicalization.

These events will support the implementation of preventing policies and actions at national level and in particular facilitate the implementation of recommendations of the High-Level Commission Expert Group on Radicalisation (HLCEG-R). Their outcome will help create a shared understanding of the challenges at stake and common appreciation of the responses needed, which will, in turn, decrease the existent communication gap. Following the events,  ex-post papers will capture the insights exchanged and present recommendations for the enhancement of both policies and practices.

All of the events (listed below) will be posted under IISG Activities:

  • Common PCVE challenges in Western Balkans and European Union;
  • Making the voice of young people heard;
  • Resilience of children against radicalisation;
  • Working with local communities in CVE;
  • Leaving terrorism behind, and
  • Optimising Triple P (Police – Prison – Probation).