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Handbook on Children Recruited and Exploited by Terrorist Groups and Violent Extremist Groups

On the 26th January 2018, UNODC launched the Handbook on Children Recruited and Exploited by Terrorist and Violent Extremist Groups: The Role of the Justice System.

The use of children by violent extremist or terrorist groups is certainly not a new phenomenon. It`s slowly rose to a global phenomenon, which needs proper prevention, tackling and understanding which leads to adequate rehabilitation and reintegration measurements. The published handbook purpose is to provide assistance and clear guidelines to national authorities on the treatment of children, who have been recruited and exploited by terrorist and violent extremist groups with an emphasis on the justice system as an instrument that has a crucial role in protecting children.

The publication can be downloaded here.

For more information about the work of the UNODC’s Terrorism Prevention Branch, please visit their website here.